BMW Mini Cooper S ECU Chip Tuning and Remapping at Austec Racing, Crawley West Sussex

BMW Mini Cooper S Chip Tuning by professional tuning company. Call for more information today.

Last Updated 14 - Jan - 2009

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How Chip Tuning will help your BMW...
Save up to 30% on fuel consumption    
Obtain UP TO 50BHP more    
More acceleration & top speed  
Improved & safer overtaking  
Get an overall smoother drive  
Why Austec Racing?
We have over 21 years relevant experience, We have invested in a  4 wheel rolling road facility and we backup all original factory chip data to ensure that all our customers get the best service.




  Chip Tuning is not just for increasing performance of your car. A properly
  tuned engine will give you increased fuel efficiencylower emissions,
  better performance and better drivability. That's better for your pocket,
  your car and the environment.

BMW Mini Cooper S Chip Tuning & Remapping
Engine Type: Petrol
Engine Size: 1.6
Original BHP: 170PS
Tuned BHP: 212PS
BHP increase: +42PS
Original Torque: 220NM
Tuned Torque: 261NM
Torque increase: +41NM

ECU TUNING, BY PROFESSIONALS - See the staff list on the right hand side.

FAST & FRIENDLY SERVICE - Same day service (Some Remaps done within 2 hours).

OVER £100,000 OF INVESTMENTS - In Engine Tuning, Engine Building and Engine Testing Facilities, all in-house, See below or click here


See Power graphs for BMW Mini Cooper S
Frequently asked Questions

Recent Chip Tuning Power Run - example charts


Results of power runs after the ECU Remapping of two random cars.

Ford Focus - (Read Testimonial) VW Golf FSi  - (Read Testimonial)

Facilities at Austec Racing - tuning specialists


Rolling Road


4 Wheel Rolling Road


Utilising our Maha LPS 3000 4WD Dynamometer, we have created, tried and tested the ECU tuning service that we install in your vehicle. Therefore, you can be sure that any tuning package purchased from Austec Racing is backed up by proven experience. The above output prints from our ‘dyno’ show both torque and horsepower figures before and after an ‘off the shelf’ ECU chip tune. You can see the difference! Read More

What Engine Optimizing will do for your car.

  Custom ECU Remapping

In addition to our ‘off the shelf’ tuning packages, we can offer a further custom option. If your car has had performance modifications, or if you simply wish to take your vehicle’s performance further then we can completely retune your car’s ECU with a custom setup. This involves a live connection between your car’s ECU and our specialist tuning equipment. We then completely remap your car and extract as much performance as is possible. Why not talk to us today about the improvements you will enjoy with a complete custom remap tailored to your car. Read More

TVR Servicing


Engine Performance & Upgrades


If you want to have your performance car upgraded, look no further. We can not only specify upgrades, but we can also install, test, modify and fine-tune every component of the upgrade to maximise the performance, safety and appearance. Read More


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See what our customers had to say?


  “I would recommend Austec Racing, friendly staff, they know what they are talking about, and enjoy their job. They have a proper setup at their location and was cheaper than I was expecting, which is a bonus.

I could notice more torque in 2nd and 3rd gear. I reset my MPG on the car, and noticed that it was much higher than before. It was 33.4 mpg on the way down and I got 45.7 mpg on the way home.

Got a printout from the dyno runs, and had a laugh while I was there, I would use again for my remapping needs.”

Chris Roberts

  “I hunted all over the internet for someone to remap my Golf in the Bournemath area. Someone recommended to go and see Paul at Austec Racing located in Crawley (Gatwick). I booked the car in with them and it was done within two hours. On the journey back to Bournemath there was a noticeable difference in performance and overall smoothness in the drive.

The drive up to Austec was well worth it and I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone else.

Thanks guys,  A++ Service.”

Peter Monniot

  “It completely transformed the driving experience of my car, it is now much more pleasurable to drive, I feel much more confident when I overtake, feeling much safer.”

Tim Charlton

  “After having my car done I found a noticeable saving on fuel costs as my MPG increased by approximately 20%”

Aaron Brindley


  “My BMW X5 was just costing me so much to run on fuel, the fuel efficiency was not great at all. I looked on the net and found that it can be improved, now I'm getting around 30% more! ”

Sarah Vickers






Don't trust your ECU mapping to anyone until you have spoken with professionals on our team...


Meet Paul Austin

25 years of relevant experience in Engine Tuning to exacting specs.


Martin Kimmons

Countless achievements


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